Craft A Character

Welcome to the game here is the information you will need to craft a character for this adventure.  When coming into this adventure there is a certain level of understanding one must have. This is a horror setting During the process of creating your character, also keep this question in mind: What is my character afraid of? This isn’t something that’s going to come back and make your character weaker; it’s a consideration to help you get into your character’s
head. Probably the biggest difference between horror adventures and other games is that they encourage you to have a more intimate understanding of your character as an individual, not just as an assemblage of numbers. There will be questions to help the GM better understand the elements of your characters.

Plan To Be Frightened

Characters who are not afraid of anything—or who are incapable of emotion—are the worst characters to play in a horror adventure. If the slasher bursts onto the scene and no one’s startled or frightened, that’s a bad sign for a horror game. Fight-or-flight responses, instant reactions, and expressions of revulsion are key components of a terrifying scene. In horror adventures, it is the GM’s job to set up grim  scenarios, and it is part of your job to consider how your character would actually react to these situations.

That doesn't mean your character needs to be a shrieking coward, though. Your character likely is skilled with weapons or has the power to magically manipulate reality. By the same token, your character should also be a person. In the face of a terrifying encounter, consider how your character would respond. If you’re not sure, think about your own reactions when to being frightened or unsettled in the past.

If you decide that your character would probably have some sort of startled reaction to a scene, consider expressing that. Your character’s actions might even intersect with specific game rules. As such, here’s a list of reactions to frightening situations common among Pathfinder characters. Sometimes your reaction will be strong or important enough to warrant flight or a moment of shocked paralysis, but in other cases you just want it to be flavorful and not impede a more strategic response.

Cast a Protective Spell: You gird yourself with magic.

Draw a Weapon: Usually done while taking a step back, you both prepare for and distance yourself from danger.

Gape: You hold your ground, but look on in shock.Guard: Moving into position between the threat and an ally, you try to prevent another from seeing the scene. Pray/Swear: You call upon the gods or verbally express shock.

Retreat: You seek escape if the situation is overwhelming.

Screaming might also be an obvious reaction, but that tends to be the domain of victims, not heroes (though,everyone has the occasional less-than-heroic moment).Retreating also seems distinctly unheroic, but in a horror game, that might occasionally be the prudent choice,especially if it is clear that a threat outmatches your group.
Remember that in horror games, combat is not always be the surest path to victory.

Roleplaying Fear
When your character confronts a shocking scene, ask yourself what your character would do, what you would want to do, and what you would really do. These questions often have different answers. Let those answers influence how you react. Alternatively, you might hang on to the first thing hat comes to mind, emulating more instinctual reactions to horror. Frightened or  distraught people don’t make the best decisions, so don’t be afraid to make a snap judgment,
act rashly, or react without consulting the group. In any case, your choice of action should usually be whatever you think will be the most fun or interesting for the entire group.

Understand I will be using  FEAR, SANITY & CORRUPTION.

I. Stats: 6d6 take the best 3 reroll 1's roll's 7 times take the best six.
II. Level: 5th
III. Gold: 10,500
Iv. Hitpoints Max 1-2 roll for the rest again reroll 1's
V. Race Limitations: No Drow, No Androids, No Drider, No Gargoyle,No Duergar, Gnoll, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Kobold, Lizardfolk, Orc,Svirfneblin,. In general no race that can not work with others. There are no Half-Orc's in Ravenloft rather their are Calian.
VI. Classes Available:  Any
VII. Alignment: Any but CE just keep in mind that Ravenloft preys very well on an evil mind. More on that further down.
VIII.  Limitations:
Understand that anything that makes you immune to fear, is replaced with a bonus to save vrs fear in a horror campaign.

IX. Choose a Bloodline

Craft A Character

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